Brazilian Yoga Clothes by Rio Hip Activewear

Colorful leggings, tops and jumpsuits you can find in San Luis Obispo and in Santa Barbara, California

Brazilian Yoga Clothes by Rio Hip Activewear

Fitness apparel that makes you feel comfortable

Rio Hip Activewear is for you, for everywhere and every age. 

The sport pants you can see on the left are not only good for the gym, for your yoga or Pilates session, but they are also leggings that make you feel comfortable and hip when you are just being a you covered with awesome attitude. 

You can wear our leggings, tops and jumpsuits anywhere. 

Feel comfortable, fun, fit and hip. Wear the pants, make a statement!

Comfortable, colorful activewear from Brazil. We are in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, CA. Contact us!